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Custom Spring – Upgrade during the service.

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$83.45 excl. VAT

suspension spring from TTECH SUSPENSION

The motorcycle’s spring rate is a major factor in the bike’s handling, stability, control, and ride quality. A rider’s suspension can be fine-tuned to his or her individual demands and preferences by calculating and modifying the spring rate.

Average turnaround at the moment: 4-7 work days
(updated 16.06.2024)

If you are booking your suspension  service online you can add this optional spring upgrade. and we will select the spring that suits your bike model, spring will be  tailored to your weight and riding style .Make the most of your OEM setup with custom springs. recommended for the riders over 90KG on the adventure touring bikes.

The dynamics of a bike depend on a number of parameters, but one of the most important is the spring rate, which must be understood and calculated. Correct  spring rate can greatly improve the riding experience.

  1. Optimal Suspension Setup: Riders can optimize their suspension setup by adjusting the spring rate, which can be calculated. There is a wide range of rider preferences, styles, and sizes. To achieve the ideal compromise between rider comfort and performance, the spring rate must be adjusted so that the suspension reacts predictably to the rider’s inputs.
  2. Enhanced Handling and Stability: Riders can have better control and stability by precisely selecting the spring rate. Correctly balanced suspension is the result of a spring rate that is appropriate for the bike’s weight, the rider’s weight, and the riding conditions. By keeping the tires firmly planted on the pavement, the motorcycle benefits from increased grip, pinpoint steering, and less body roll in corners.
  3. Better Control and Feedback: Motorcycle riders who take the time to figure out the spring rate will have a far more satisfying riding experience. Increased feedback from a well-tuned suspension system helps riders correctly assess the bike’s behavior and make any necessary modifications on the fly. The rider feels more secure and confident as a result of this increased sense of control.
  4. Comfort and Fatigue Reduction: The rider and the motorcycle can suffer wear and tear from long-distance rides and from meeting bumps in the road. Good spring rate calibration reduces road-related tiredness and discomfort by soaking up and damping vibrations, impacts, and jolts. This is essential for tourers and adventurers who spend days at a time on their bikes. Good suspension setup always start with the correct springs.

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