Our Core Services

BMW Shocks Refurb and Upgrade

At T-Tech Suspension, we understand the importance of a smooth and controlled ride. Our team of experts specializes in BMW shocks recognition, ensuring that we identify the specific needs of your motorcycle’s suspension system. We go beyond generic solutions, providing personalized upgrades that align with your riding preferences, ensuring optimal performance on the road.

Electronic Suspension Service

Your motorcycle’s shock absorbers play a crucial role in maintaining stability and control. Our dedicated shock absorber repair service ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, restoring your bike’s performance to its peak. From leaks and damage to wear and tear, our experts handle it all with precision and care.

Custom Springs

Our custom springs service allows riders to tailor their motorcycle’s suspension to their individual requirements. Whether you crave a softer, more comfortable ride or a firmer, sportier feel, our custom springs will cater to your needs, ensuring a ride that’s as distinctive as you are.

Hydraulic and Electronic Repairs

T-Tech Suspension is equipped to handle both hydraulic and electronic repairs, addressing issues with precision and expertise. Our extensive stock of components ensures efficient service delivery, reducing downtime for our valued customers.

Comprehensive Replacement Parts

T-Tech Suspension offers a comprehensive range of replacement parts, including chrome rods, low-friction piston bands, preload chrome sleeves, custom springs, powder-coated OEM springs, spherical bearings, and various internal components. Our aluminium separating piston replaces plastic OEM parts for enhanced durability.

Exclusive After-market Replacement Parts

We take pride in being the sole provider in the UK for after-market replacement parts for these shocks. Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned us the trust and approval of independent BMW specialists and authorized BMW dealers.

Vacuum Machine and Dyno Testing

Every shock rebuild at T-Tech Suspension undergoes meticulous testing on our vacuum machine and dyno-tested after service. This ensures maximum performance and functionality of the Dynamic ESA valve, providing you with confidence in your motorcycle’s suspension system.


Dynamic ESA ZF, SACHS front/rear

from £222 inc VAT

The latest generation of active suspension is found on modern bikes like BMW, Aprilia, Ducati, KTM – R1200GS 2013 onwards, R1200RT, R S1000 models, K models, Ducati, Aprilia.

Dynamic ESA Front/Rear Marzocchi, WP SA

from £198 inc VAT

This type of damper usually found on the bikes BMW, R1200RT LC R1200R LC K1600GT, KTM 1290 SA, Triumph TSASAprilia, Ducati, KTM – R1200GS 2013 onwards, R1200RT, R S1000 models, K models, Ducati, Aprilia.

BMW ESA1 ESA2 and mechanical OEM shocks Front/Rear

from £174 inc VAT

Conventional shocks controlled by external linear actuators and electric motors normally found on BMW R1200GS, RT from 2006-2013 K models: K1200, K1300, K1600 some F models.

KTM EDS, Triumph TES

from £174 inc VAT

First and second generation of electronic suspension made by WP normally found on found on KTM 1090, 1190.

1) Research and Development: T-Tech Suspension is dedicated to research within the motorbike industry, constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. This commitment to innovation ensures that our customers benefit from the latest advancements in motorcycle suspension technology.

2) Manufacturing Custom Springs for BMW Dealers: Specializing in crafting custom springs for recognized BMW motorbike dealers, T-Tech Suspension takes pride in delivering tailor-made solutions. Our commitment to quality extends to every component, providing riders with a personalized and optimized riding experience.

3) Trusted by Individuals and BMW Dealerships: T-Tech Suspension has earned the trust of both individuals and BMW dealerships specialists in the UK. Our reputation for quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the motorbike community.

4) Challenges Overcome in Electronic Suspension: Tackling the challenges posed by electronic motorbike suspension head-on, T-Tech Suspension embraced the complexity of this niche. Despite the absence of instructions, our years of dedicated research have allowed us to perfect every part of the motorbike suspension. This expertise empowers us to manufacture these components to perfection in-house.

5) Global Reach: T-Tech Suspension’s commitment to excellence knows no borders. While initially serving Europe, our dedication to perfection has propelled us to extend our services globally. Now, riders from both Americas, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa can benefit from the precision-engineered components and custom springs crafted by T-Tech Suspension.

6) Independent Manufacturing: At the heart of our success is our ability to manufacture all components in-house. This independence ensures strict quality control and allows us to uphold the highest standards in every product that bears the T-Tech Suspension name.

7) Worldwide Distribution: T-Tech Suspension proudly serves customers around the world, offering not just products but a commitment to excellence. Our components, perfected through years of research and development, can now reach riders on a global scale.

8) Rider tailored: Did you know that it is a common industry practice for motorcycle manufacturers to design and set up their bikes with the assumption of an average rider weight?Typically, this average rider weight is around 70 kg (about 154 pounds). However, it’s important to note that riders come in various shapes and sizes, and individual preferences for riding style and comfort can vary. For this reason, some riders may choose to adjust their bike’s suspension settings or invest in aftermarket suspension components to better suit their specific weight and riding preferences. Customizing the suspension can lead to improved handling, stability, and overall performance for riders who fall outside the average weight range.

9) OEM: Our commitment to quality is reflected in the CNC components designed and manufactured by T-Tech Suspension. These precision-engineered parts replace OEM components during the damper repair process, guaranteeing durability and superior performance. As part of our service, we replace the OEM seal head with a superior redesign component, ensuring optimal function and longevity for both front and rear suspensions.


• Mechanical shocks from £135 +VAT
• DDA shocks from £145 +VAT

Aftermarket Shock Service

from £130 + VAT

  • Disassembly
  • Inspection of internal parts
  • Cleaning and micro finishing piston rod (if needed)
  • Striping rebound system internal cleaning
  • cleaning and replacing shims if bend or broken
  • Rebuild of sealhead assembly inc new oil seal dust seal,guide bush,o-rings
  • Bleeding process in the vacuum chamber
  • Factory oil and nitrogen charge.
  • Bench testing compression/reb linear actuator
  • Dyno test to ensure maximum performance
  • Range of upgrades and custom setup available

Standard Fork Service

from £150 + VAT

  • price for loose forks, removal, and installation is not included The motorcycle fork rebuild service includes -Disassembly of front forks including all internal parts. Inspection of all parts for wear or damage.
  • Inspection of shims /replacement if damage Inspection of stanchions and outer tubes for straightness
  • Micro finishing chrome tubes (if necessary) Strip and clean piston assembliesNew genuine NOK oil seals or OEM
  • New genuine NOK dust seals or OEM Rebuilt with high-quality Fuchs RSF oil you may also wish to look at upgrading the fork internals and fork springsPrices quoted are for a pair of forks and do not include VAT. Our standard service does not include the cost of bushes.
  • These will be inspected once the forks are stripped and then changed if necessary. Anything over and above the aforementioned will be charged at the rate as per the optional extras

Standard Steering Damper Service

from £60 + VAT

Our Service Process

We follow a streamlined process to ensure your motorbike gets the best suspension service or replacement. Here’s a step-by-step guide to our process:

Understanding Your Needs

Stage 1: Assessment

Initial Consultation and Assessment
Reach out to our technician who will assess your bike and your specific needs. Based on this, we will come up with a tailored service or replacement plan.

Preparing for Service

Stage 2: Shock Removal and Inspection

If you’re remote, you’ll remove your shocks and send them to us for inspection, service, or replacement. If you come in with your bike, our technician will handle all this work on the day. Your motorbike stays with us.

Delivering Excellence

Stage 3: Service or Replacement

Our experienced team will carry out all necessary work, whether that’s servicing your existing suspension or installing a new one.

Installation and Instructions

Stage 4: Completion

We’ll either send the shocks back to you or install them for you. You’ll receive full instructions on how to operate your new suspension, ensuring you’re ready to hit the road with confidence.



As an authorized service centre for TracTive Suspension in the UK, we bring you cutting-edge technology and expertise. TracTive Suspension is renowned for its high-performance suspension systems, and our certified technicians are trained to provide the best-in-class service for your TracTive-equipped motorcycle

T-Tech Suspension is proud to be approved and tested by many independent BMW specialists and BMW authorized dealers including K-Tech and TracTive.

Our reputation for delivering exceptional service has made us a trusted partner in the motorcycle community.


We are your authorised service provider for Tractive Suspension BV in the United Kingdom. With years of experience, we specialise in enhancing your motorbike’s performance by improving its suspension system. Patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve, the world’s fastest valve, ensures optimal traction and safety, pushing your motorbike to limits you wouldn’t have thought possible. Trust us to provide you with superior components and technologies, all designed to improve your ride. Don’t compromise on your motorbike’s functionality.

Tractive Suspension products are direct replacement for BMW, KTM, DUCATI, APRILIA, YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE.