We provide a shock absorber repair service to improve, upgrade and restore your shock. The recommended service and inspection frequency for motorbike shocks being used for racing or use on a high performance machine is 20 hours.

This is unrealistic perhaps for a road going machine in the real so we recommend a basic service at least every two years. A preventative maintenance approach will save money in the longer term on shock absorber internals as wear significantly increases once the suspension oil becomes contaminated and effectively works as a lapping paste. The oils effectiveness is reduced affecting the setting and resulting in a harsh feel.

We service BMW R models LC Shock 2013 onward (F models ZF, Sachs)

Leaking shock absorber?
Didn’t leak but lost all the performance?
We can help with that 🙂

Front or rear:

Service includes.
– Full strip down of shock absorber components
– Clean outside and inside parts.
– Examine parts for damage or wear
– Inspect and polish piston rod
– Strip rebound system
– Replace the oil seal guide bush all o-rings (upgraded seal)
– Dust seal replacement on every rebuild
– Inspect stepper engine/check functionality
– Rebuild shock absorber on our vacuum device.
Full service with genuine parts.

Quick turnaround and 24h service available please ask.

We offer spring upgrade for BMW shocks Sachs/Showa/WP for only £80.
-linear springs to match rider weight and riding style
In any RAL color
Please contact us via form on this web page. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Optional extras:
-Suspension lowering.
-Dividing piston upgrade

We always test all SHOCK DYNO AFTER THE REPAIR!!!
Dyno active shock report available for extra £5

For all repairs 2 years guarantee given.

PLEASE NOTE If the shock/shaft is damaged beyond repair, it will be send of for chrome plating.

Motorcycle suspension service. BMW shocks recognition and upgrade. Custom springs.