Dynamic ESA made by ZF Sachs for BMW R1200GS LC bikes from 2013-2022.

Those shocks suffer from not just one but many problems!
To avoid internal damage 25-30K mils is usually a good time to have your suspension serviced.
‼Due to corrosion, and oxidation those can fail prematurely even seen at 5k mils!

T-Tech Suspension is dedicated to ESA and DESA servicing and repairs constantly finding a better solution to give the best value for money and provide quality affordable service that is guaranteed for 2 Years.

Hydraulic and electronic repairs

Most of the components are kept in stock!
OEM Seal head replaced with every service superior redesign part on front and rear ⚠
Replacement chrome rods, low friction piston band ✔
Replacement preload chrome sleeves✔
Custom springs✔.
Powder-coated OEM springs ready to be mounted✔.
Spherical bearings and many other internal parts✔.
Blader conversion(better offroad performance)✔
Aluminum separating piston to replace plastic OEM part✔
100% success rate servicing SACHS shocks♻
⚠The only place in the UK that can provide aftermarket parts for these shocks‼

Every shock rebuild on the vacuum machine and dyno-tested after the service for maximum performance and functionality of the Dynamic ESA valve.

Approved and tested by many Independent BMW specialists and BMW authorized dealers.

Service DESA
Standard service

comprehensive service to restore the damper to factory spec and fix common problems.

New complete seal head assembly, new hard anodized nitrogen gas cap , factory spec oil and nitrogen charge £185+VAT

Service 2 DESA

This is the most popular option.
Standard service + CNC aluminum floating piston upgrade £210+VAT

Service 3 DESA
Standard service with Blader conversion £240+VAT

Service 4
ESA / ESA2 service price starts £145+VAT

New seals, DU bush,dust seal,oil and nitrogen charge.
Please contact me for individual quotes based on your need.

Service 5

Fork service 140+VAT

Service 6

steering damper service 65+VAT


Return postage £10

We provide a shock absorber repair service to improve, upgrade and restore your shock. The recommended service and inspection frequency for motorbike shocks being used on the road is 15-30K mils

recommended basic service at least every 3 years. A preventative maintenance approach will save money in the longer term on shock absorber internals as wear significantly increases once the suspension oil becomes contaminated and effectively works as a lapping paste. The oil’s effectiveness is reduced affecting the setting and resulting in internal friction increase and a harsh feel.

We service BMW R models LC Shock 2013 onward (F models ZF, Sachs)

Leaking shock absorber?
Didn’t leak but lost all the performance?
We can help with that

Front or rear:

Service includes.
– Full strip down of shock absorber components
– Clean outside and inside parts.
– Examine parts for damage or wear
– Inspect and polish piston rod
– Strip rebound system
– Replace the oil seal guide bush all o-rings (upgraded seal)
– Dust seal replacement on every rebuild
– Inspect stepper engine/check functionality
– Rebuild shock absorber on our vacuum device.
Full service with genuine parts.

We offer spring upgrade for BMW shocks Sachs/Showa/WP for only £70+VAT
-linear springs to match rider weight and riding style

Please contact me via a form on this web page. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Optional extras:
-Suspension lowering.

Tractive suspension UK service centre.

Tractive mechanical shock service from 135+VAT

Tractive DDA shocks standard service 155+vat


We always test all SHOCK DYNO AFTER THE REPAIR!!!

For all repairs 2 years guarantee is given.

PLEASE NOTE If the shock/shaft is damaged beyond repair, it will be send of for chrome plating.

Motorcycle suspension service. BMW ESA shocks overhaul and upgrade. Custom springs.