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about Ducati Desert x

Equipped with a 21” front and 18” rear wheel, the new DesertX is designed to handle even the most challenging off-road terrain. Ducati has combined its road expertise with dedicated off-road development to create a responsive and manoeuvrable bike that is at ease on all types of trail and asphalt.

Ergonomics for all conditions
A focus on ergonomics and aerodynamics makes for a motorcycle that is at home off-road and equally comfortable, easy, and safe during everyday use and when travelling.

Off-road chassis
A 21” front and 18” rear wheel, long stroke suspension, generous ground clearance (250mm) and an off-road frame designed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions.

Advanced electronics, for maximum versatility
The versatility of DesertX is also reflected in its Riding Modes, all six of them. The Enduro and Rally modes are specifically dedicated to the off-road riding experience.

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