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Husqvarna 901 Expedition Bike Description and Suspension Tuning Options

The Husqvarna 901 Expedition is designed for adventurers who demand performance and reliability across varied terrains. This motorcycle is equipped with a robust WP Explor 48mm fork, featuring a new style of cartridge that stands out in the market. This innovative suspension system includes a 23mm cartridge and a 12mm shaft in a split arrangement, allowing for both rebound and compression adjustments at the top of the fork.

Key Features:

  • Forks: WP 48mm unit with a unique 23mm cartridge and 12mm shaft.
  • Adjustability: Both rebound and compression adjusters are conveniently located at the top.
  • Base Valves: Ensures pressure balance within the system, enhancing performance during off-road usage.
  • Stock Spring Rate: 0.63kg/mm with an adjustable preload range from 0-6mm.
  • Oil Height: 105mm, contributing to the overall suspension performance.
  • Shock 46mm/18mm PDS with adjustable Preload, Rebound ,HS-LS compression damping.

Suspension Tuning:

In its stock configuration, the Husqvarna 901 Expedition’s front fork may require additional damping for optimal performance. Initial testing indicated that the front end rode low, which affected stability in certain situations. To address this, internal changes were made to increase the damping, aligning it with the standards of other motorcycles in the adventure category.

Shock 46mm/18mm PDS with adjustable Preload,Rebound ,HS-LS compression damping. Recommended custom valving as the shock feels underdamped for serious off-road riding.

We also offer lowering during the service with modification of the side stand and center stand, -30mm is one of the popular options

Custom Tuning Process:

  1. Dyno Testing: The forks were tested on the dyno to assess their performance.
  2. Internal Adjustments: Modifications were made to enhance the damping capability. We use K-Tech ORVS or TracTive pressurized cartridge.
  3. Re-testing: Both on the dyno and on various terrains including tar, rough backroads, gravel, and challenging off-road conditions.
  4. Outcome: The forks maintained compliance while improving confidence across all terrains, allowing for more aggressive riding.
  5. Shock stage one revalve for better support across all terrain and improved stability ,reduced rider fatigue witch is important for long distance riders .
  6. Shock Upgrade with Tractive

These tuning options ensure that the Husqvarna 901 Expedition remains versatile and reliable, offering superior performance whether on smooth roads or rugged trails.

Light with modern geometry means the versatile Norden 901 is as equally proficient on rugged terrain as it is while navigating through urban environments. Multiple rider aids including easy shift, cruise control, ride modes,create an enriched riding experience.

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