TracTive X-CHANGE ESA/DDA Plug & Play Rear Shock / R1200R ’15-On and R1250R

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$888.16 excl. VAT

TracTive X-CHANGE ESA/DDA Plug & Play Rear Shock / R1200R ’15-On and R1250R

Average turnaround at the moment: 4-7 work days
(updated 16.06.2024)

TracTive Dynamic ESA Plug & Play Rear Shock for BMW R1200R/R1250R (2015-On)

Elevate your ride with the TracTive Dynamic (DDA) Plug & Play ESA Rear Shock, designed specifically for BMW’s original ESA equipment. This rear shock set seamlessly integrates with your motorcycle by replacing only the dampers and springs, utilizing the OEM Electronic Preload Adjuster.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Reducer Bushings: Enhance durability and longevity.
  • Advanced Valving: Provides improved comfort and ride quality.
  • Reinforced Seal Head: Utilizes the same robust seal head found in Touratech Adventure bike shocks, ensuring a long service life.
  • 16mm Induction Hardened Chro-Moly Shafts: These strong shafts allow for better oil flow through the pistons compared to smaller diameter shafts from other brands.
  • 46mm Shock Bodies (where applicable): Offer superior cooling compared to the smaller 36mm bodies used by some competitors.
  • Optional Preload Motor Replacement: For applications where the OEM preload motor fails, TracTive offers both Electronic and Hydraulic preload motors, maintaining all adjusting features of your ESA shocks.

Why Choose TracTive?

The engineers at TracTive, the pioneers behind BMW’s ESA since 2005, bring unmatched expertise and quality to their ESA conversions. Available in both standard height and a 25mm low version, these shocks offer tailored solutions to suit your riding style and needs.

Important Installation Information:

To perform an ESA conversion, you must ship your stock shocks and ESA equipment to us. Ensure your ESA system is set to “Comfort” and “1 Helmet” prior to removal for a successful conversion. For any questions or concerns before placing your order, please contact us.

Upgrade your BMW R1200R/R1250R with TracTive’s Dynamic ESA Plug & Play Rear Shock and experience a ride like never before.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 40 cm

Damping adjustment


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Length Change (mm)